The mineiro group Sepultura, a musical phenomenon that lasts for a long time

In Brazil and around the world, urbi et orbi, Sepultura is considered one of the largest metal bands on the planet. To paraphrase the Brazilian music website Vagalume, who would have predicted such a trajectory for this band from Belo Horizonte born in the mid-80s?

36 years and a few changes of musicians later, Sepultura has 15 studio albums and two live albums, not counting countless clips and singles. The band has performed on all the major stages of the world, including the Bataclan. The longevity can perhaps be explained by the will to produce different music, with an original message compared to that of other Metal bands. One can dress in black and have a discourse of tolerance, anti-racist and pacifist.

Andreas kisser, guitarist and songwriter of the band will not hesitate to castigate imperialism and the danger represented by the « reactionary » governments Trump, Bolsonaro but also the ultra-conservative Polish government. He bluntly denounced the retreat of all social and societal gains under the mandates of the American, Brazilian and also Polish (Hungarian and Russian) presidents (
The song « territory » is undoubtedly the most political. The other « unavoidable » songs are
-Morbid visions
-Phantom self
-Inner Self
-Roots bloody Roots
The album « Roots », with the participation of Carlinhos Brown, was partly recorded in a Xavantes tribe from Mato Grosso. Perhaps this is a bit the soul of this group born in the last years of the military regime, which recalled their social sensibilities and their commitment to the defense of the most fragile and indigenous Brazilians.

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