Veterinarians to treat the homeless and Indians in Brazil

Brasil: médicos se recusam e veterinários atendem moradores de rua

In these times of pandemic, the most fragile of our societies are the most exposed to the risk of infection. In emerging countries such as Brazil, and to a lesser extent Morocco, the inadequacy of healthcare provision makes it even more hypothetical to provide health care for these « forgotten » people. Thus, the conservative daily Globo, in one of its editorials, recalled one of the (many) paradoxes of the country of the « cordial man ». The Ministry of Health has had to requisition veterinarians to treat the homeless and Indians, since doctors are unable or unwilling to assume this function, which is inherent in the Hypocratic Oath. This idea is not new. French legislators had already thought of « repopulating » the French medical deserts with veterinarians. After all, man is only an « intelligent » animal, said the singer Michel Fugain with humor. Some, more cynical, will argue that in neo-liberal societies, the « unproductive » have no right of citizenship…and lose their status as human beings.

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